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ICO Commitments & Programs

Improving the education of ophthalmologists and those who work with them has been the top priority of the ICO since it was founded in 1927, with roots in the first International Congress of Ophthalmology in 1857.

In addition to the Congress, now called the World Ophthalmology Congress® (WOC), the ICO has initiated a variety of other programs to preserve and restore vision in developing countries.

The ICO is Committed to:

  • Enhancing ophthalmic education, particularly in developing countries
  • Supporting development of ophthalmologic societies and leaders
  • Defining and disseminating standards and guidelines for vision and eye care
  • Helping ophthalmologists meet the needs of their communities

ICO Programs:
Our three main program categories are:

  • Refocusing (improving) ophthalmic education
  • Enhancing eye care
  • Advancing leadership

Information and descriptions of ICO Programs are highlighted throughout this website.

Learn more about the ICO through our yearly Annual Report.


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