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Award and Medal Recipients

The International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) is proud to recognize the following leaders in international ophthalmology who were nominated by their peers and selected by the ICO to receive these well-deserved honors.

Gonin Medal, for outstanding work and research:    
Date   Recipient City/Country
1941   Alfred Vogt  Zurich, Switzerland 
1945   Paul Bailliart  Paris, France 
1950   Hermenegilde Arruga  Barcelona, Spain 
1954   Stewart Duke-Elder London, England 
1958   Alan Woods  Baltimore, USA  
1962   Hans Goldman  Bern, Switzerland 
1966   Jules François  Gent, Belgium 
1970   Gerhard Meyer-Schwickerath  Essen, Germany 
1974   David C. Cogan  Cambridge, USA 
1978   Norman Henry Ashton  London, England 
1982   Alfred Edward Maunamee  Baltimore, USA  
1986   Akira Nakajima  Tokyo, Japan 
1990   Barrie R. Jones  London, England 
1994   Harold L. Ridley  London, England 
1998   Robert Machemer  Durham, USA 
2002   Gottfried O.H. Naumann  Erlangen, Germany 
2006   Alfred Sommer Baltimore, USA  
2010   Alan Bird   London, England 
2014   Alice McPherson Houston, USA
2018   Jean-Jacques De Laey Ghent, Belgium
International Duke Elder Medal, for the development of international relations and friendship between ophthalmologists:
 Date   Recipient City/Country
1982   Jules François  Gent, Belgium 
1986   A. Edward Maumanee Baltimore, USA 
1990   Benjamin Boyd  Panama City, Panama 
1994   Edward Norton  Miami, USA 
1998   Alfred Sommer  Baltimore, USA  
2002   Peter Watson  Cambridge, England  
2006   Bradley R. Straatsma Los Angeles, USA 
2010   Mohammad Daud Khan Peshawar, Pakistan
2014   Richard Abbott Tiburon, USA
2018   Rubens Belfort, Jr. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jules Francois Golden Medal, for ophthalmic work of high scientific quality:
  Date   Recipient City/Country
1986   Pierre Amalric  Albi, France 
1990   Saiichi Mishima  Tokyo, Japan 
1994   J. Donald M. Gass  Miami, USA  
1998   Alan C. Bird  London, England
2002   Bradley R. Straatsma  Los Angeles, USA  
2006   Bruce E. Spivey San Francisco, USA 
2010   Gisèle Soubrane Créteil, France
2014   Peter Watson Cambridge, England 
2016   Clare Gilbert London, England
ICO Ophthalmic Pathology Award, for outstanding research in ophthalmic pathology:
Date   Recipient City/Country
2006   Thaddeus Dryja Boston, USA 
2010   Ursula Schlötzer-Schrehardt Erlangen, Germany
2014   Mark Tso   Baltimore, USA
2018   Sarah Coupland   Liverpool, England
Bietti Medal, for an ophthalmologist who has contributed most––through history, ethics, and education––to the advancement of ophthalmology:
Date   Recipient City/Country
2008   Narsing A. Rao Los Angeles, USA
2012   Rosario Brancato  Milan, Italy 
2016   Sir Peng Tee Khaw London, England
Tadeusz Krwasicz Gold Medal, for ophthalmologists who have made advances in diseases of the anterior segment and/or introduction of new technologies as well as having advanced international relationships among ophthalmologists:
  Date   Recipient  City/Country
2008   Douglas R. Anderson Miami, USA 
2012   Alan C. Bird London, England 
2016   Marie-José Tassignon Edegem, Belgium
ICO Mark Tso Golden Apple Award, for demonstrated innovation or exceptional achievements in ophthalmic education:
Date   Recipient City/Country
2006   SS Badrinath India
2007   Xiao-xin Li China
2008   Ronald Lam Soon Yeoh Singapore
2009   Selvarajah Sivaguru Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
2010   Ian Constable Perth, Australia 
2011   Dennis Lam Hong Kong, China
2012   Mark O.M. Tso Baltimore, USA
2013   Peter McCluskey Sydney, Australia 
2013   Gabriel van Rij Netherlands 
2013   Steve Ryan Los Angeles, USA
2014   Charles McGhee Auckland, New Zealand
2015   Frank Martin Sydney, Australia 
2015   Zdenek J. Gregor  Barbican, London
2015   Peter A. Quiros Pasadena, USA
2016   Richard Abbott San Francisco, USA
2016   Kanxing Zhao Tianjin, China
2017   Lin-chung Woung Chinese Taipei
2017   Wagih Aclimandos London, England
2017   Rafael Sánchez Fontán Mexico City, Mexico
GOH Naumann Award for Leadership in Global Eye Care:
Date   Recipient  City/Country
2008   Benedictus G.K. Ajayi  Ibadan, Nigeria
2009   Francisco Contreras Lima, Peru
2010   Adel Al Rushood Saudi Arabia
2011   Frank Billson Sydney, Australia
2012   Shigeaki Ohno Sapporo, Japan
2013   Nag Rao   Hyderabad, India
2014   Ahmed Trabelsi Tunis, Tunisia 
2018   Abdulaziz AlRajhi Saudi Arabia
Bruce Spivey Ophthalmic Education Award:
Date   Recipient  City/Country
2016   David Taylor London, England


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