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Ophthalmic Educators

The ICO is committed to improving ophthalmic education by "teaching the teachers" – offering conferences, courses, curricula, and online resources to anyone involved in ophthalmic education.

ICO Ophthalmic Educators Curriculum
The ICO Ophthalmic Educators Curriculum aims to provide ophthalmic educators with a clear path to becoming competent in ophthalmic education practices. 

International Curricula:  To help enhance the quality of ophthalmic education worldwide, the ICO has defined curricula for training ophthalmology residents, medical students, and allied eye care providers. The ICO has updated the residency curriculum and is also working with international subspecialty societies to define curricula for training ophthalmic subspecialists. 

ICO Curricula:

Courses for Directors of Residency Program Directors: The Directors Courses are held each year in cities around the world, coordinated through the national ophthalmologic society.  The ICO has offered over 25 courses since 2004. Learn more:
Conferences for Ophthalmic Educators:  The Conferences, which are co-sponsored by the ICO and supranational and national societies, serve to help teachers of residents, subspecialists, medical students, and allied eye care personnel improve their teaching effectiveness.  View presentations from past Conferences for Ophthalmic Educators.  

World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium (WOEC):  The ICO Education Committee presents symposia at each World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC), designed to attract attendees of different interests and spotlighting various aspects of ophthalmic education.

The WOEC is open to all members of the ophthalmic community with the goal of helping ophthalmic educators and others enhance the training and continuing education of ophthalmologists and other eye care personnel.
OSCAR and other Assessment Tools:  The ICO-Ophthalmology Surgical Competency Assessment Rubric (OSCAR) is a standardized, internationally-valid tool to teach and assess an ophthalmologist’s competence in performing various types of eye surgery.  Selected ICO-OSCAR tools are available for download in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Center for Ophthalmic Educators  (  Launched in January 2012, the ICO Center for Ophthalmic Educators at is focused on helping educators enhance their teaching skills with curricula, tips and tools, ways to collaborate, and more. The Center offers a broad array of educational tools and resources for those who train residents, subspecialty fellows, allied eye professionals, and medical students, and who organize continuing professional development programs.

The Center for Ophthalmic Educators is funded in part by Aerie Pharmaceuticals. We thank all the supporters of the ICO's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

Online Courses and Tools for Teachers:  Organized by the ICO, these courses cover the online application of adult learning principles, how to plan and build courses, how to select and use the best software tools, and how to put these new skills and information into practice.  Upcoming courses are announced in the Center.

Ophthalmic Educators LetterThe Center's monthly newsletter, Ophthalmic Educators Letter includes news and announcements about recently added and updated resources in the Center.

ICO and Center Website Tools and Resources:

  • Connections: Interest groups for educators to share information and ideas.

Join the ICO’s free online community.  We will contact you about receiving updates, news and information.

Future Connections:  We are developing interest groups on residency, subspecialty, medical student education, allied health, continuing medical education, and new technology for teaching and learning. Explore ways to connect in the Center or check the Connections page for updates.


Ophthalmic Educators Resources

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