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Ophthalmologic Societies

A primary commitment of the ICO is to stimulate and support communication and collaboration among ophthalmologic societies and ophthalmologists globally, particularly on initiatives to preserve and restore vision. Search the current list of societies below to learn more.

If you would like to change or edit your society's listing, click on the name of the society to open the detail page, then click "Edit Society Profile" to create an account and get access to edit the listing.  

Browse by country

Browse by society

Name Location ICO Member Number of Members Contact Details
Macedonian Ophthalmologists Society Skopje 91000, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic   170 Phone: -3292
Web site:
Madagascar Society of Ophthalmology Antananarivo, Madagascar ICO Member 60
Malawi Ophthalmological Society Malawi ICO Member 12
Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology Petaling Jaya, Malaysia ICO Member 350 Web site:
Malian Society of Ophthalmology Bamako, Mali ICO Member 50
Malta Association of Ophthalmologists (MAO) B'Kara, Malta   Web site:
Mauritanian Society of Ophthalmology Nouakchott, Mauritania ICO Member 20
Mexican Society of Ophthalmology Mexico City, Mexico ICO Member 650 Web site:
Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO) Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia   Phone: +966 1 4861085
Web site:
Middle East and Africa Oculoplastic and Reconsructive Society (MEASOPRS)   Email:
Web site:
Mongolian Ophthalmologists Society Ulaanbaatar-44, Mongolia ICO Member 130 Web site:
Montenegrin Society of Ophthalmology   39 Email:
Web site:
Moroccan Ophthalmology Society Casablanca, Morocco ICO Member 750 Phone: +212661141640
Web site:
Mozambique College of Ophthalmology ICO Member 20 Web site:
Myanmar Ophthalmic Society Yangon, Myanmar ICO Member 331 Web site:

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