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Global Eye Genetics Consortium

ICO Member Number of Members: 180

In May 2, 2018, members of the Asian Eye Genetics Consortium (AEGC) gathered in Honolulu, Hawaii to discuss the requests from research groups outside of Asia to join the consortium. Following a unanimous vote by the AEGC members and attendants, the consortium decided to remove the regional restriction of Asia and expand research activities to the entire globe. The consortium was renamed the Global Eye Genetics Consortium (GEGC).

Goals and Plan of the Global Eye Genetics Consortium:
1. Share Genetic information in the Asian population and beyond, to rapidly identify and isolate common disease-associated variants
2. Establish a system for accurate diagnosis and grouping of Asian eye diseases
3. Establish a system for cost-effective genetic analysis
4. Develop a research-oriented database to collect, diagnose and catalog eye diseases in Asia
5. Support and foster collaboration and research exchanges among Asian countries for the advancement of research that will provide genetic information in the Asian population
6. Collaborate with other international or regional organizations with similar goals
7. Organize and hold regional congresses and other educational and scientific activities to promote goals of the consortium

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