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Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology

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Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology

ICO Member Number of Members: 210

The Afghanistan Eye Doctors Society "AEDS" has been established in winter 2004.
The establisher gruope of doctors Dr.Zia Amoon Dr.Murtaza Farahmand Dr Alem Qaher Dr Reshad Sediqyar
Dr Ghulam Eshan Osmani Dr Najibullah Osmani Dr Shir Amirzada Dr Muheb etc.
The number of members at the begining was 50.By December 2011 the members are 110.
Activities: The AEDS annually host's scintific congress of AEDS in Kabul city capital.
The congress contains presentations symposiums of nationals and sometimes international speakers.
Encouragement of eye doctors to switch toward quality eye care services,sending them some materials which is helpfull to thier achievements.
But there are many obstacles to cross as the Afghanistan after four decades of war is a big challenge to its builders.
The AEDS guides some NGOs which are prone to help eye care in Afghanistan. By distinguishing underserved areas ,holding eye camps,school screenings,vit A distributions etc.
Holding MOUs with Ministry of Public Health "MOPH", to harmonize eye care services and better utilization of tiny resources available.
Technical support of ophthalmologists want to go for fellowship to foreign countries .
Invitation of ophthalmic instrument companies to open branches in Afghanistan .
As most of the ophthalmologists in Afghanistan have their own slitelamps,operating microscopes and etc in their private clinics which before the AEDS estalishment was not so. to be continued...........

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