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Hungarian Ophthalmological Society

Mária u. 39
Budapest, Hungary
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Hungarian Ophthalmological Society

ICO Member Number of Members: 663

The Hungarian Ophthalmological Society was founded in 1904. Now in its 149th volume, the first Hungarian journal dedicated to Ophthalmology, Ophthalmologia Hungarica (Szemészet) was first published in 1864 being among the first specialty journals in the world. At the University of Pest, the education of ophthalmology began in 1801.
The goal of Hungarian Ophthalmological Society is to flourish its already carried mission on the field of medical education and division of latest research studies to promote the education of the future's ophthalmologist generation.
Today the Society has more than 600 active ophthalmologist members who are proud of their heritage of their great ancestors and who are also eagerly taking part in moving forward international ophthalmology. The Society has active and close contact with several national societies in the surrounding Central-European countries and also countries of Southern Europe.

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