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RSCM Kirana, Jl. Kimia No. 8-10, Menteng,
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
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Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (IOA)

ICO Member Number of Members: 1,700

Name of the society:
English : Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (IOA)
Indonesian : Persatuan Dokter Spesialis Mata Indonesia ( Perdami)
Inaugurated: 5 Juli 1964


The Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association has 4 bodies , namely the Executive Boards, Indonesian College of Ophthalmology, Ethical Council and Finance Auditors.

The roles of the Executive Boards are in maintaining and developing ( empowering ) the profession toward the global standard; guiding and promoting welfare through professionalism and law of orders for the members through several branches; communicating with the Government, local and international institution in order to give a better eye health services for our patients and conducting the professional community responsibility in order to fight the blindness rate. The recent main achievements are setting the Standard of Professional Continuing Professional Development scheme to maintain the competency of the member in order to be Re-Certified. The CPD scheme is based on the Accountability of Competency, Ethical conduct ( to patients and Colleagues ), and Altruism. It consists of several activities such as updating knowledge and skills through meetings, workshop, courses, mini-fellowships. Compiling the clinical ( diagnostic and surgical) performance within the 5 years periods; empowering the profession ( training or publication to public or colleagues ), and having a good ethical conduct and personal health.
This CPD scheme concept has become a model for all other medical profession organization in the country.
The Indonesian Ministry of Health has also accepted our concept on Standard of Faculty in eye Health Service Strata. We also have developed the Guideline of Medical Conduct to guide our member.

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