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17 Cornwall Terrace Regent's Park
London, United Kingdom
Phone: 44 20 7935 0702
Fax: 44-020 7935 9838
Web site:

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists

President: Michael Burdon
Chief Executive: Kathy Evans
Honorary Secretary: William Newman
Vice President, Examinations: Peter Tiffin
Head of Examinations: Emily Beet
Head of Scientific Department: Heidi Booth-Adams
Chair, International Committee: Clare Davey
Senior Vice President, Training: Michael Hayward
Vice President, Professional Standards: Bernard Chang
Vice President, Education: Mark Watts
Head of Education and Training: Alex Tytko
Head of Professional Standards & Acting Head of Scientific: Beth Barnes
Honorary Treasurer: Peter Mcdonnell
Communications Manager: Liz Price
ICO Member Number of Members: 2,214

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