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Clinique Ophtalmologique,CHU Mustapha Place 1 er Mai
Algiers, Algeria
Phone: 213-21-236029
Fax: 213-21-236029
Web site:

Algerian Ophthalmological Society

President: Ourida OUHADJ
President: Amar Ailem
Vice President: El Hadi Mahfoudi
Vice President: Nadia Ouslim
Secretary General: Jalal Aberkane
Treasurer: Mustafa Djabour
deputy Treasurer: Amine Derdour
ICO Member Number of Members: 1,500

Algerian Society of Ophthalmology is a non profit organization which gathers Algerian Ophthalmologist.
As far as the events are concerned, one national Congress and several thematic seminars are held annualy.Foreign guests participate regularly to these events, which are an appropriate and a very appreciated frame work to the training of the Ophthalmologist and the updating of their knowledge.

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