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A 132 Palash Towers,Veera Desai Road,Andheri(West)
Bombay, India
Phone: 91 22 9324245667
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International Society of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ISOPRS)

President: Sunil Moreker
Chief Executive: Shilpa M
ICO Member Number of Members: 40

We in ISOPRS (International society of oculoplastic ,plastic and reconstructive surgery) believe that integrated approach must continue to be the basis for treatment of injured bodies and one should get a combined benefit of ophthalmology, plastic surgery, neurology, ENT skills with a readily accessible knowledge base and understanding of basic pathology, radiology .Microbiology knowledge is a must to prevent infections in these cases. We believe that all faculty members in these fields have an obligation to teach new students, their discipline, and their self-integrity to model the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of their lives. And, we believe in equality of cultural diversity, embracing all colleagues regardless of geographic or political boundaries. As disease is universal, so too must be the preparation of all those who train future generations of doctors

The mission of the International Society of Oculoplastic ,Plastic and Reconstructive is to advance oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery through integration and to ensure that the teaching and learning of ophthalmology continues to be firmly grounded in technology and that it continues to evolve.

We strive to achieve this by:
1. sharing current and innovative means to treat the ophthalmology conditions that are common to these fields,
2. providing a multidisciplinary forum for discussion of issues affecting oculoplasty
3. serving as an international voice to enhance the public's appreciation of the crucial role of oculoplastic surgeon in health and health care

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