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Nepal Ophthalmic Society

P.O. Box No. 6341, Tripureshwor
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 9771 4261066
Fax: 9771 4261166
Web site:

Nepal Ophthalmic Society

President: Badri Badhu
Immediate Past President: Suman Thapa
Vice President: Sabina Shrestha
Treasurer: Purushottam Joshi
ICO Member Number of Members: 180

Nepal Ophthalmic Society was established in 1985. Now it has 180 active members. Nepal Ophthalmic Society has its journal known as Nepalese Journal of Ophthalmology which has been indexed at Medline and PubMed The .Nepal Ophthalmic Society has the APAO Congress in 1997 and the SAARC Ophthalmology Congress in 1999.

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