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Organizational Development

The ICO is committed to supporting development of ophthalmologic societies and their leaders, as well as educational organizations and programs.

Organizational development is one of the main emphases of the World Ophthalmology Roundtable on Leadership Development (WORLD) sessions that the ICO organizes at national and supranational society congresses.

Resources: On the ICO website, we offer a number of resources for organizational development, including examples of ophthalmologic society strategic plans, Bylaws, etc.

It may also be helpful to visit the Web sites of societies listed in the ICO database.

Do you have other resources to share? Please e-mail them to us at

Organizational Development Resources


ICO Directory of Ophthalmic Societies

The International Council of Ophthalmolgy (ICO) Directory of Ophthalmic Societies includes national, supranational,… More »


ICO 2011-2015 Strategic Plan Logic Model

This document shows the "logic model" that underlies the ICO Strategic Plan. A logic model is a visual way to present how… More »


ICO Situational Analysis, 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

The Situational Analysis is a concise explanation of the problem or issue ICO wants to positively effect and the… More »


ICO 2011-2015 Strategic Plan Summary

The ICO Strategic Plan Summary is an example of the planning process used to develop society goals and strategies to meet… More »


Aurosiksha Online Courses-Clinical & Non-Clinical Management

Aurosiksha, developed by Aravind, is an online educational program that offers training material to learners and trainers. More »

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