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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
Abdullah Ibrahim Yasser Abdullah Ibrahim Yasser Muscat, Muscat Iraq Other (e.g., Education, Research) Iraqi Ophthalmological Society, EuroTimes Arab Board for Health Specializations
Abubakir Kawani Irbil, kurdistan region Iraq high diploma ophthalmology
Adeeb Zamo Adeeb Zamo Erbil, Nil Iraq Cataract and Refractive Surgery Erbil teaching hospital
Ahmed Al-Hamdi Baghdad, Iraq Iraqi Ophthalmological Society Arab Board of Health Specialities
Ahmed Kassabbashi Ahmed Kassabbashi Baghdad, Iraq
Ahmed Shakir Ali Al-Wassiti Baghdad, Iraq
Alaa Makki kut, wassit Iraq
Alaa Eldeen Saleem aldewaniya Iraq
Ali Abbas Baghdad, Iraq EuroTimes Alkadmiah teaching Hospital
Ali Al-Saffar Sulaimaniya, none Iraq Cataract_and_Lens_Surgery Iraqi Ophthalmological Society medical city and ibn al haitham eye hospital
ali fadhil hilla, babil Iraq
Ali H Al Hassany Iraq Neuro-ophthalmology
Ali Mahmood As Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Iraq
Ali Sabsh Basra, Basrah Iraq
Ali M. Al.Dulaimy Baghdad, Bagdad Iraq
Amer Kadhim Amer Kadhim Iraq Cataract and Refractive Surgery Iraqi Ophthalmological Society
Amer Shamsulddin Baghdad, Iraq Arab board of ophthalmology
Arkan Al-Mamoori Babil !Bābil Iraq
Aseen Sameer kerkuk, Iraq
Aymen Dheyaa Jaafar Aymen Dheyaa Jaafar Baghdad, Baghdad Iraq Vitreoretinal Diseases Arab board of health specializations (Ophth)

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