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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
Ferruchio Venuci Italy
Francesca Toto Italy
Giacomo Calzetti Giacomo Calzetti Italy
Gianni Virgili Gianni Virgili Firenze, Italy Retina and Vitreous University of Trieste, Italy
Giuseppe Casalino Giuseppe Casalino Italy Retina and Vitreous
Giuseppe D'Amico Ricci Giuseppe D'Amico Ricci Sassari, Italy Retina and Vitreous University of Sassari
giuseppe scianna bagheria, palermo Italy Cornea Italian Ophthalmological Society (SOI)
Guida saggia Italy
Iryna Tachyla Italy Retina and Vitreous
Laura Calabrese Italy
Linda Scavone Italy Contact Lens and Refraction
Lorenzo Iuliano Italy Vitreoretinal Diseases Italian Ophthalmological Society (SOI) Vita-Salute San Raffaele University
Luca Agnifili Luca Agnifili Chieti, Italy Glaucoma
Luca Napoli Italy
Luis Felipe Sanz Rojas Cagliari, Cagliari Italy French Society of Ophthalmology Hospital Clinico de Valencia, Espana
Marco R Pastore Italy
Margherita Ficotto Venice Zelarino, Italy
Maria Vittoria Cicinelli Maria Vittoria Cicinelli Italy Retina and Vitreous Italian Ophthalmological Society (SOI) San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Metal Detector Metal Detector Italy
Michele Levi Italy

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