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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
Waleed Abou Samra Waleed Abou Samra Mansoura, Egypt
Moanes Morkos Zaky Abdelsayed luxor, Luxor Egypt Egyptian Ophthalmological Society minisry of health residency programme
Ahmed Saad Egypt Vitreoretinal Diseases Egyptian Ophthalmological Society Zagazig University
Sayed Safwat cairo, Egypt Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus hussein university hospital
Ahmed Mohyi Ahmed Mohyi Mansoura, Egypt
Mahmoud Shafeek Mahmoud Shafeek Cairo, Egypt
Sameh Abouelkhir Sameh Abouelkhir Cairo Egypt Vitreoretinal Diseases German Ophthalmological Society (DOG), Egyptian Ophthalmological Society, European Board of Ophthalmology RIO - Augenklinik Tübingen
Abdulrahman Rageh Abdulrahman Rageh Egypt
Amira Said Egypt
Waleed Elsayed Waleed Elsayed Mansoura, Egypt Egyptian Ophthalmological Society MOH
Marian Girgis Soliman Mikhael cairo, cairo Egypt Ophth Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Egyptian Ophthalmological Society
Muhammad Hatab Egypt
Ahmed Ramadan Ali Abo Ali Damietta, Egypt
Mohammed Rabea Mohammed Rabea Quesnna, Mennoufia Egypt Contact Lens and Refraction attending Egyptian fellowship
Hassan Sorour Hassan Sorour Zagazig, Egypt Retina and Vitreous National Eye Center
Asmaa Touny Asmaa Touny el minia, Egypt Egyptian Ophthalmological Society Ministry of defense hospitals - ophthalmology departments
Ahmad Al Shaarawy Egypt
Mina Makar cairo, cairo Egypt
Mohammed Abdel Hamid Mohammed suez, suez Egypt suez canal university hospital
Sameh Abdelbaki Egypt Ophth Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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