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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
AbdelAziz Awad Mostafa Ahmed Cairo, Cairo Egypt
Abdelrahman Abdelsadek Abdelrahman Abdelsadek Cairo, Cairo Egypt Egyptian Ophthalmological Society Badr University Hospital Helwan University
Amany Abdelhalem Cairo, Cairo Egypt Eye Trauma and Emergencies Egyptian Ophthalmological Society Aidan hospital
Christina Gamal Esmat Cairo, Cairo Egypt
Daikin Egypt Cairo, Cairo Egypt
David Fahmy cairo, cairo Egypt Kasr El Ainy Hospital,Cairo University
Eslam Farhat Cairo, Cairo Egypt Aswan Ophthalmology Hospital - Egyptian Fellowship
Faris Karas Faris Karas Cairo, Cairo Egypt Retina and Vitreous Egyptian Ophthalmological Society Faculty of Medicine- Ain Shams University
Ghali Majzoub Ghali Majzoub Cairo, Cairo Egypt Cairo University
Hani Gharieb Cairo, Cairo Egypt Glaucoma Ainshams university hospitals
Islam Zayed Cairo, Cairo Egypt
Kamal Raafat cairo, cairo Egypt
Karim Nasr Cairo, Cairo Egypt
Mahdy Sayed Cairo, Cairo Egypt
Marian Girgis Soliman Mikhael cairo, cairo Egypt Ophth Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Egyptian Ophthalmological Society
Mina Habib Cairo, Cairo Egypt Ophthalmology Residency at Cairo University Hospital
Mina Makar cairo, cairo Egypt
Mohammed Abdel-Salam Cairo, Cairo Egypt Retina and Vitreous Egyptian Ophthalmological Society Ain Shams University Hospitals
Mostafa Darwish Cairo, CAiro Egypt Retina and Vitreous Egyptian Ophthalmological Society AL Azhar University Faculty of medecine
Nazier Nashaat Nazier Khella cairo, cairo Egypt Assiut ophthalmic haspital

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