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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
L'Enfant Plaza Dental Arts L'Enfant Plaza Dental Arts Washington, DC United States
l-Team driving l-Team driving Manchester, Greater Manchester United Kingdom
La Prisma La Prisma Zirakpur, Punjab India
La Green Development La Green Development Van Nuys,, CA United States
La Prisma Top Flats in Zirakpur La Prisma La Prisma Top Flats in Zirakpur La Prisma Zirakpur, Punjab India
Labib Alshaweesh Syria
labib mahdi Bucharest, Romania Romanian Society of Ophthalmology Central military hospital bucharest
Lachlan Chidley Australia/New Zealand
lady kavotiner hamzah Palembang, South sumatera Indonesia Sriwijaya university
Lafayette Gardens Apartments Lafayette Gardens Apartments Lafayette, LA United States
Lagan Paul Delhi, Delhi India Retina and Vitreous Retina fellowship
Laila Hassan Egypt
Lakecity Handicrafts lakecityhandicrafts Udaipur, Rajasthan United States
LakeviewBlinds LakeviewBlinds Sudney, NSW Australia/New Zealand
Lakshmi Kattana mumbai, maharashtra India
Lakshmikant Kulkarni HUBLI, KARNATAKA India Other (e.g., Education, Research)
Lakshminarayana Pasumala Lakshminarayana Pasumala India Retina and Vitreous MD(Ophthalmology)
Lala Mammadova Baku, Azerbaijan Retina and Vitreous European VitreoRetinal Society (EVRS) National Ophthalmology Center
Laleh Banan Australia/New Zealand
Lalit Kumar Lalit Kumar United States

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