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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
arshad mehmood arshad mehmood karachi, Sindh Pakistan Cataract and Refractive Surgery FCPS
Farah Tariq Farah Tariq Pakistan FCPS
farhan ali LAHORE, PUNJAB Pakistan Pediatric, Strabismus, Genetics Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan FCPS
Hanif Malik Hanif Malik Rawalpindi, Punjab/Pakistan Pakistan Pediatric, Strabismus, Genetics FCPS
Irfan Qayyum Gujranwala, Punjab Pakistan Retina and Vitreous Fcps
Mizanur No dhaka, Bangladesh Cataract_and_Lens_Surgery fcps
mohammad Faisal okara, punjab Pakistan Vitreoretinal Diseases FCPS
Muddaser Hussain Mandra, punjab Pakistan Cataract_and_Lens_Surgery FCPS
Muhammad Fahad Ali Lahore, punjab Pakistan Cornea fcps
Muhammad Rizwan Muhammad Rizwan Sahiwal, Province Pakistan FCPS
Muhammad Sajjad LAHORE, PUNJAB Pakistan FCPS
Muhammad Yahya Farooq Lahore, Punjab Pakistan Retina and Vitreous FCPS
Muhammad Zeeshan Azhar Lahore, Punjab Pakistan FCPS
Muhammad Zeeshan Tahir pwshawar, Khyber pakhtunkhwa Pakistan Retina and Vitreous Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan fcps
Munawar Habib Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan FCPS
Mushtaq Khalil Mushtaq Khalil Mingora, Swat, Khyber pakhthoonkhwa Pakistan FCPS
Sarfraz Patafi Sarfraz Patafi Bahawalpur, Punjab Pakistan Cataract_and_Lens_Surgery FCPS
Usman Qureshi Islamabad, Punjab Pakistan Retina and Vitreous Fcps
Zafar Islam Zafar Islam Peshawar, KPK Pakistan Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan, Asia Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery FCPS

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