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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
Noorullah Ramoz Noorullah Ramoz Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Cataract_and_Lens_Surgery Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology University Eye Hospital
Ehsanullah Rahimi Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan
Ahmad Navid Rahimani Ahmad Navid Rahimani Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan NOOR Eye Hospital - Kabul
Noorullah Ramoz Noorullah Ramoz Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Cataract and Refractive Surgery Noor Eye Training Hospital
Zabih Ur Rahman Roheen Zabih Ur Rahman Roheen Afghanistan university eye hospital
Faridullah Rahmani Faridullah Rahmani Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Justice medical
verma ruby Afghanistan
ricwly ricwly Albania
GISELLE RICUR GISELLE RICUR Mendoza, Argentina Other (e.g., Education, Research) Argentine Council of Ophthalmology, Argentinian Society of Ophthalmology Residencia en Oftalmología, Hospital de Comunidad, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Luis Rodrigo Luis Rodrigo Argentina Glaucoma Argentinian Society of Ophthalmology FUNDANOA
Cristian Requena Argentina
Pablo Ramirez Buenos Aires, Capital Federal Argentina HIGA San Martin (La Plata, Argentina)
Maria Rosales Buenos Aires, Capital Federal Argentina Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Argentinian Society of Ophthalmology, Argentine Council of Ophthalmology Hospital Santa Lucia Argentina
Mykfc rick vcadvcae, usa Argentina
Natalia Ruiz Natalia Ruiz Argentina
Yahvi Rao Bangalore, India Argentina
dolores Ribero Florida, Argentina Hospital Italiano
Jorge Reyes Portocarrero Argentina Cataract_and_Lens_Surgery
Walter Rodriguez Santa Lucía, San Juan Argentina Retina and Vitreous Provincia de San Juan

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