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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
Saboor Ahmad Hamidi Saboor Ahmad Hamidi Herat, Herat Afghanistan Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology Herat Ophthalmic Center (HOC)
Shir Mohammad Amirzada Shir Mohammad Amirzada Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Evidence Based Medicine 1990 to 1996
Azar Tanish Azar Tanish Mazar-e-sharif, Balkh Afghanistan Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology Noor Eye Hospital
Ahmad Javid Karimyar Ahmad Javid Karimyar herat, herat Afghanistan Vitreoretinal Diseases Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology herat NOOR hospital
Qais Nasimee Qais Nasimee KABUL, KABUL Afghanistan Cornea Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology Noor National Speciality Hospital
Noorullah Ramoz Noorullah Ramoz Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Cataract and Refractive Surgery Noor Eye Training Hospital
میثم قاسمی میثم قاسمی جاغوری, غزنی Afghanistan
Mohammad babur Azizi Mohammad babur Azizi Kabul, Afghanistan Kabul noor ophthalmology hospital
Zabih Ur Rahman Roheen Zabih Ur Rahman Roheen Afghanistan university eye hospital
Mohammad zia Poya Mazar sharif, Balkh Afghanistan Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology 2016
Mohammad Mansoor Hamidi Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Cornea Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology NOOR Eye Hospital
Qais Najmee Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Noor Eye Hospital
Mujib Moheb Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan
Abdul Manan Haqyar Abdul Manan Haqyar Kabul, kabul Afghanistan Other (e.g., Education, Research) Bamyan University
Faridullah Rahmani Faridullah Rahmani Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Justice medical
verma ruby Afghanistan
Murtaza Ahmadi Murtaza Ahmadi Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan Pediatric, Strabismus, Genetics Afghanistan Society of Ophthalmology Kabul NOOR Eye Hospital
isocert isocert Afghanistan
wihgo iogo Afghanistan
Sayed Muslim Musavi Afghanistan Cornea Saint-Petersburg State university

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