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Name City, State Country Subspecialty Society Residency Program
Tracy Grooters San Francisco, CA United States
Tammam Alhamed Jenin, Palestine
Tariq A Alhamad Tariq A Alhamad United Kingdom
Tatevik Adamyan Yerevan, Armenia Retina and Vitreous
Tawfik Al-Khatib Tawfik Al-Khatib Sana'a Yemen Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surg Yemeni Ophthalmological Society
Trinity Zin singapore, singarpore Singapore
Tejah Balantrapu Hyderabad, Hyderabad India International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB)
Taoufik Abaik Taoufik Abaik meknes, Morocco
Tanuj Dada Tanuj Dada India Glaucoma
Tarek Mamoun Tarek Mamoun Cairo, Egypt Egypt Retina and Vitreous Afro-Asian Council of Ophthalmology
Tehmina Haque East Setauket, United States
Tomasz Mlynczak Germany
Tushar Waghule India Vitreoretinal Diseases
Tammam Alshikh homs, Syria
Tariek Aldoais sanaa, sanaa Yemen Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surg Yemeni Ophthalmological Society
Tushar Joshi India
Touqir Ahmad Touqir Ahmad Sialkot, I am not in the U.S. or CANADA Pakistan Cataract_and_Lens_Surgery
Tapasya Singha Aich dibrugarh, assam India Cataract_and_Lens_Surgery
Tahir Kansu Bozkurt Tahir Kansu Bozkurt Turkey Cornea
Tosho Mitov Tosho Mitov Varna, Bulgaria Cornea Bulgarian Society of Ophthalmology

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