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Dr. Jenny Jeannine YANGA MD

Ophthalmic Pathology
Job Title:
Medical School:
Faculty of Medecine/ University of KINSHASA
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Congolese Society of Ophthalmology

My name is Jenny Jeannine Yanga Mungenga, i am thirty-four (34) years old and i am married.
I am a doctor of the congolese governement registred on the table of the medical under the number 13132 since 2010. I studied medecine at the University of Kinshasa from 2002 to 2010, the last year of which was devoted to an internship. This course was sanctioned by a doctor' s degree in medecine, surgery and deliveries with distinction.
For three years, i worked as a general practitioner at the Dr YANGA Medical Center in Kinshasa.
From 2013, i started my specialisation in ophtalmology at University Cliniks of Kinshasa ( UCK) as a first-term assistant. Two years later, after the aptitude test , i was appointed second-term assistant.
Since December 2017, i obtained my specialist degree in the ophtalmology department of University Cliniks of Kinshasa with distinction. The subject of my thesis focused on malignant tumors of ocular adnexa in UCK.
From then on, i am one of supervisors within the service. I participate in multidisciplinary meetings of the pilot unit set up by the FAPGO ( Franco- African Pediatric Group of Oncology) at the pediatric oncology department of UCK.

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