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Dr. Mohammed M. A. Abusafia MD

Ophthalmology resident
Job Title:
ophthalmology resident
Medical School:
AN-Najah National University - Nablus
Residency Program:
St. John Eye Hospital ophthalmology Residency Program
Jerusalem, Israel
Contact Information:
Sheikh Jarrah
Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Israel 91198
Phone: 00972592051327

Ophthalmology is a high tech field. We use lights, lasers, and lenses. I like the microsurgery and there is a great balance of clinics and surgery. The surgeries that we perform are most often quite short.
On clinic days we usually work from 8am until 5-6pm. Surgery days usually start a bit early, around 7:30am, but they can be completed by 4:00pm. Most ophthalmologists have 1 to 2 days in the OR each week with the rest of the time spent in the clinic.
Ophthalmology is very focused on one body part, and can even be focused on one layer of tissue (cornea!). The other thing you have to be aware of is that the optometrists are constantly trying to take over everything that we do.

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