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Damaris Hodelin Fuentes

Dr. Damaris Hodelin Fuentes MD

Ophthalmology resident
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Cuban Society of Ophthalmology
Contact Information:
Anacaona 133
Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba
Phone: 53886152

Dr. Damaris Hodelin Fuentes MD, is Investigator and Ophthalmology Resident at Ophthalmology Department of the General Hospital "Dr. Juan Bruno Zayas Alfonso" of Santiago de Cuba. She has completed her Medical Doctor Degree from Medical Sciences University of Santiago de Cuba and she graduated with Golden Title, and received the "Award to Scientific Worthy" for her results as student.
She has a long career as investigator and has engaged in 24 research projects, most of them as leader. She has been participated in 46 events, most of them national and international, with research about different topics related to General Ophthalmology, Neurophthalmology, Bioethics, and Nutrition to the ocular health. Due to her investigations, she has been awarded with the Future Builder Commemorative Stamp twice in 2016 and 2018. This is the most important prize that Technical Younger Brigade awards in the country for younger investigators. She was nominated to integrate the Sciences Academic of Cuba as a Younger Member in 2018.
She has many publications in national and international journals, the most recent is Updating traumatic optic neuropathy in International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 2018;10(10):106-10. She is on the reviewer board of Ophthalmology Research: An International Journal, and has been received the Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing from this journal. She has received 18 postgrade courses. She has presented papers in various conferences and seminars and has received many awards for the same.
As Ophthalmologist, she has operated more than 360 patients with cataracts and pterigiums, and recently she was working as Ophthalmologist Surgeon in Venezuela during 6 months. Also, she belongs to the Honorific Professorship of Bioethics of Medical Sciences University of Santiago de Cuba and has developed researches in this field.

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