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Bashir Hadi B Laheu

Job Title:
Medical School:
Tripoli University
Residency Program:
College of medicine South Africa
Durban, South Africa
Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA)

Well respected Ophthalmologist with years of experience providing medical and surgical health care services in ophthalmology department, hospital infection control expert and training undergraduate medical students.
Qualified Ophthalmic clinician and Surgeon. Excellent attention to details.
Academic lecturer. Accomplished in primary care.
Practiced in cardiovascular emergencies. Keen motor skills.
Fluent in (Arabic, English and Chinese). Humane and respectful.
Hospital infection control expert. Strong interpersonal skills.
Medical research comprehension. Good clinical judgment.
➢ Ophthalmology Consultant at McCord hospital Durban - South Africa
➢ Member of the college of Ophthalmologists South Africa
➢ Member of the Ophthalmology society of South Africa (OSSA)
➢ May 2019 FC Ophth ( SA ) Finals , College of Ophthalmologists, South Africa
➢ Oct 2018 Dip Ophth ( SA ) , College of Ophthalmologists, South Africa
➢ Apr 2017 FC Ophth ( SA ) intermediate 1B, College of Ophthalmologists, South Africa
➢ Aug 2015 FC Ophth ( SA ) Primary 1A, College of Ophthalmologists, South Africa
➢ Mar 2010 GRE in genetics and molecular biology
➢ Jan 2010 Diploma of hospital infection control, Ali Omar Asker institute, Libya
➢ Jun 2009 Certificate of intensive psychiatric training
➢ Apr 2008 Medicine and Surgery ,Faculty of medicine , Tripoli university, Libya
➢ Mar 2019/18/17 Pentacam Workshop
➢ Mar 2019/18/17 Hiedelberg OCT workshop
➢ OCT 2018 Final Exam preparatory course (East London)
➢ OCT 2017 Oculoplastic/DCR wet lab
➢ Aug 2016 Advanced Phaco workshop
➢ Sep 2015 MMED research methodology course
➢ Mar 2015 Basic surgical skills course
➢ OSSA (Ophthalmology society of South Africa) congress 2019/18/17
➢ SAGS (South African glaucoma society) congress 2018/17/15
➢ SASCRS (South African Society of cataract and refractive surgery) Congress 2017
➢ SASOPS (South African society of oculoplastic surgery) 2017
➢ Jacaranda symposium (Medical retina) Pretoria 2016
➢ OSSA 2019 Oral presentation of MMED results in registrar competition (optimal time for OCT guided laser treatment following a single Avastin intravitreal injection in patients with macular oedema secondary to diabetes or Vein occlusion).
➢ OSSA 2018 Poster presentation (Nekams disease) second best poster in the competition.
➢ SASCRS 2017 Oral presentation (Corneal perforation secondary to Acenitobacter Buamannii infection).
Ophthalmology registrar (April 2015 to present) at Mccord and Inkosi albert Luthuli hospitals (UKZN)
➢ Provide secondary ophthalmic clinical and surgical services
➢ Completed the required surgical Logbook during the registrar training
➢ Attended and presented academic lectures, Tutorial, meetings and case presentation in the grand rounds
➢ Participate in Ophthalmology research including MMED
➢ Attended and presented in several ophthalmology congresses
➢ Participate in training of medical students and junior registrars/ medical officers
➢ Continuously maintained proper safety and took precautionary measures to avoid the spread of disease and infection
➢ Admitted and treated patients as part of the hospital's 24-hour on-call services
➢ Ophthalmic basic skills-including, but not restricted to:
Slit Lamp use for anterior and posterior segments examination.
Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy.
Day ward duties like biometry, A and B scan use, pre-operative assessment.
Ant segment ophthalmic surgical techniques including corneal Topography skills using Pentacam® unit.
Laser (Argon, YAG and diode laser) for anterior and posterior segments pathologies.
OCT scanning, fundus photography and fluorescein angiography.
Good experience in major ophthalmic surgery, including Squint, Cataract and Glaucoma surgeries as will as first assistant in vitreoretinal surgeries
Physician (postgraduate trainee) Mar 2010 to Apr 2014 Tripoli medical centre (TMC) - Tripoli - Libya
➢ A member of the medical resuscitation team in the casualty
➢ A member of the cardiac resuscitation team in the cardiac emergency room.
➢ perform several interventional procedures including central line catheterization, introducer sheaths, temporary pacemakers and bone marrow aspirations
➢ Participate in training of medical students and junior residents
➢ Attend conferences, presentations and lectures.
➢ Appropriately diagnosed and treated a variety of diseases and injuries in a general practice setting
➢ Ordered and executed diagnostic tests and analysed diagnostic images to further investigate patient conditions
➢ Managed, directed and coordinated activities of nurses, assistants, specialists, residents and other medical staff
➢ Inspected medical instruments, equipment and operating rooms to maintain proper hygiene and sterility
➢ Continuously maintained proper safety and took precautionary measures to avoid the spread of disease and infection
➢ Admitted and treated patients as part of the hospital's 24-hour on-call services
Clinical Lecturer (Oct 2009 - May 2014) Ophthalmology department - Faculty of Medicine Tripoli university
➢ Presented several ophthalmology lectures and tutorial for the fourth-year medical students - Tripoli and Alkoms Universities - Libya
➢ Involved in the ophthalmology bedside teaching for the fourth-year medical students Tripoli and Alkoms Universities - Libya
➢ Organized final exams for undergraduate students
Intern (postgraduate trainee) (Apr 2008 to Apr 2009) Tripoli university affiliated hospitals - Tripoli - Libya
➢ 3 months in internal medicine.
➢ 3 months in general and special surgery
➢ 2 months in obstetrics and gynaecology
➢ 2 months in paediatrics
➢ 1 month in anaesthesia and critical care
➢ 1 month in community medicine
➢ GRE (Biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology)
➢ Certificate of intensive psychiatric training
➢ Libyan medical council registration (number: 4581)
➢ ECFMG (Education commission of foreign medical graduates' registration) (number: E0121447-7)
➢ HPCSA (Health profession council of South Africa) registration (number: MP0773026) active
➢ Researcher of the year in Ophthalmology department - UKZN (2017)
➢ Junior surgeon of the year in Ophthalmology department - UKZN (2015)
➢ Scholarship to obtain postgraduate medical training abroad - Libyan ministry of higher education (2011)
➢ Demonstrator at department of ophthalmology - University of Tripoli (Libya) (2009)
Volunteer work:
➢ Participate and organize supportive lectures and tutorials in biochemistry and molecular biology for medical students. (2013)
➢ Provide primary health care for the population in Tripoli during the revolution. (2011)
➢ Third anti-smoking campaign. (2007)
➢ Participated in cataract camp during the world sight weeks sponsored by Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMASA) at Mccord hospital during registrar time.
Arabic (mother language)
English (fluent)
Chinese (was a translator)
IsiZulu (limited working proficiency)
➢ pursue of continuous personal and scientific development towards subspecialty in ophthalmology
➢ Developing more educational skills and establishment of formal departmental academic program
➢ Gaining more experience as specialist / consultant as continuation after my completion of training in ophthalmology in South Africa
➢ Spending more time for clinical audits and research and aim towards more publications
Road Traveling.
Football (was a football player in shedan team Beijing - china)

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