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Dr. Wassim Boughadou

Job Title:
ophthalmology assistant
Medical School:
University of Algiers
Residency Program:
University hospital center BEB EL OUED ALGIERS
Algiers, Algeria

My name's Wassim Boughadou, I'm a 32 year old eye doctor, I graduated from the Algiers school of medicine in 2012, and have been an ophthalmology resident at the Bab El Oued teaching hospital up until 2018, which is when I became the head of the ophthalmology department at the Touggourt public hospital
When i'm not at work or work related engagemets, I tend to travel as much as I can, I truly enjoy experienceing differents cultures and trying new things, I've also participated in a number of humanitarian aid missions with my university's local Charity Organization, which I was an active member of as a student

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