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hailemichael menberu

Mr. hailemichael menberu PhD

Other (e.g., Education, Research)
Job Title:
Medical School:
Bahir Dar university
Residency Program:
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
African Society of Glaucoma
Contact Information:
Addis Abeba
Addis Abeba, amhara
Ethiopia 1216
Phone: 0911165954
Fax: no
Web site: no

Dear Sir or Madam:
With this letter, I would like to express my interest in studying at the your University as a PhD student.
I have several goals that I hope to achieve upon successfully completing my PhD in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. After completing PhD degree, supplemented by four years of international experience between the two, I have developed a refined set of personal, academic and professional goals. In the last few years I was doing as a data enumerator from Farm Radio International, Central Statistical Agency, and Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption; and currently I am a lecturer at Wolaita Sodo University.
However, I feel that achieving these goals will be more effectively facilitated using the tools acquired through a legal postdoctoral education. Essentially, I know what I want to do but am unable to take on the desired roles with my current Master's degree qualifications. A PhD will rectify this by providing me with invaluable tools, knowledge and experience integral to the achievement of my professional aims outlined below.
Throughout my graduate studies, I further developed my existing interest in public health and statistical model in analyzing of epidemiological data. Through in-depth research on any killer disease like cardiovascular disease, epidemic diseases, and related issues both in local and global contexts I found the niche where I now hope to carve out a legal career for myself; and ideally I was to pursue course and clinic work through Wolaita Sodo University as well as participate in the Ethiopian Statistical Association (ESA) opportunities overseas in order to gain the skills and experience necessary to pursue a career in the field.
As a biostatistician currently my cornerstone interest is to do on public health and evidence-based practice, identifying risk factors for disease and targets for preventive healthcare; and help with study design, collection, and statistical analysis of data, amends interpretation and dissemination of results. I have also a specific interest to develop methodology used in clinical research, public health studies, and, to a lesser extent, basic research in the biological and health sciences. Also I would provide an unparalleled opportunity to gain hands-on research, advocacy and other legal experience that would undoubtedly serve me throughout my legal career in my PhD education.
I have chosen to apply for Newcastle University, because I really like its effective teaching learning style. I specially appreciate the accesses of books and materials in the university and the freedom in making your study plan. Very important for me is also an "Excellent" rating for teaching of the biostatistics and epidemiology department and the overall friendly atmosphere at both the university as well as the city. The third main reason why I have chosen your University is its good public health research institute.
I look forward to university life and facing both the academic and social challenges head-on during a period. I am confident that my passion for the subject matter, diligence and enthusiasm will allow me to not only be a successful student, but ultimately to pursue a successful career in business upon these foundations with responsibility. In my last year at Bahir Dar University I worked on an empirical study with main focus on "factors of cardio vascular diseases". Because of seriousness of disease; I really liked my project and I am keen to continue in it. I would like to use my stay in university for further developing my skills in empirical research and starting working on my PhD project. now if you give me a chance i will do researches on the area of cardio vascular diseases.
Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully,
Hailemichael Menberu

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