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Dr.Tarek Bayazid

Dr.Tarek Bayazid

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact Information:
Medart Clinics, 813 Jumeirah Road,
Dubai, Dubai
United Arab Emirates 971
Phone: 0569605146
Web site:

Dedicated to excellence in health & beauty, Dr.Tarek Bayazid provides a wide selection of the most sought-after aesthetic procedures of today. His patient-focused approach, as well as his dedication to being at the forefront of his expertise, has resulted in unsurpassed outcomes for his clients.
Plastic Surgery is an art. Dr. Tarek is an artist with his magical fingers which finds out the hidden beauty in her and enhances it without losing her individuality.

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For more details on Dr. Tarek Aesthetics, contact through or visit us Villa 262, Medart Clinics, 813 Jumeirah Road, Dubai. Telephone: +971 56 960 5146

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