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Adeeb Zamo

Adeeb Zamo MD

Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Job Title:
Medical School:
Salahaddin university
Residency Program:
Erbil teaching hospital
Erbil, Iraq
Contact Information:
Shuresh street
Erbil, Nil
Iraq 00964
Phone: 009647504462654

Curriculum Vitae
Adeeb Muhammad Rushdi Ubeid
Born: July 10, 1977
Aqre, Dohuk
Citizenship: Iraqi
Home address: Shuresh Street.
Erbil, Iraq.
Telephone: 009640662241092(home).
Present position:
Head Of Department of Ophthalmology, Erbil Teaching Hospital.
Medical education:
2005- 2008 High Diploma (MSc. Ophthalmology)
Department of ophthalmology, Hawler Medical University,Erbil.
Thesis title: Prevalence Of Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome in Erbil Population.
1995- 2001
Undergraduate student, College of Medicine, University of Salahaddin, Erbil.
High school education:
1989-1995 Al-Ekhwa secondary school.
Post graduate training:
2007 Senior house officer, Sema eye hospital (private hospital), Erbil.
2004 Senior house officer, Department of ophthalmology, Erbil Teaching
2003 General practice training, Maseef hospital, Erbil.
2001-2003 House officer at Erbil hospitals in the following order:
General surgery, 8 months Rizgary Teaching Hospital.
General medicine, 8 months Rizgary Teaching Hospital.
Obestetrics and Gynecology Hospital. 4 months.
Pediatrics, Pediatrics Hospital. 4 months.
Qualifications and Certificates:
2001 awarded M.B.CH.B in Medicine and General surgery, College of
Medicine,Hawler Medical University (Salahaddin previously).
2005 passed the part 1 (basic science assessment, optics & refraction) at the
international council of ophthalmology.
2007 passed the part 3 (clinical science assessment) at the international
council of ophthalmology.
2007 AAO and ISRS Member.
2013 ESCRS member.
2008 MSc. Ophthalmology, Department of ophthalmology, Hawler Medical
University, Erbil.
Post graduate career:
Chief of the opthalmic unit at school health center. 2008-2010
Senior ophthalmologist at Erbil Teaching Hospital. 2008-2012
Teaching career:
Lecturer at Hawler Medical University 2011(5th stage ophthalmology students)
Training programs:
2005 attending 2 weeks training in cataract surgery (phacoemulsification, scleral
tunneling, ECCE. Erbil Teaching hospital.
2008 attending 2 weeks training in cataract surgery (phacoemulsification,) at
India (mahatma eye bank and eye hospital).
2011 attending ICO Fellowship Wheaton Eye Clinc, Chicago, USA, ( CORNEA
Surgical experience:
Cataract , Cornea and Refractive surgery,
2007 Attending MEACO ophthalmology conference at Dubai.
2012 WOC world opthalmic conference at Abu Dhabi.
2013 21th-annual-meeting-of-the-lebanese-ophthalmological-society.
MS wards, windows, excel (intermediate level).

Languages Proficiency:
Kurdish (mother tongue)
Arabic (expert)
English (very good).
Abdulkadar, Abdulmajeed, FRCS ophthalmology.
Abdolmonaam, Udey, FRCS, FRCophthalmology.

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