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Mushawiahti Mustapha

Dr. Mushawiahti Mustapha

Vitreoretinal Diseases
Job Title:
ophthalmologist/ VR surgeon
Medical School:
universiti kebangsaan malaysia 2000
Residency Program:
masters in surgery (ophthalmology) UKM 2007
Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology
Contact Information:
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre
, Kuala Lumpur

Mushawiahti Mustapha graduated from the National Universiy of Malaysia (UKM) which was one of the few medical school in Malaysia in 2000. She was awarded scholarship by PETRONAS during her undergraduate study. Completed her internship in another university hospital (university Malaya medical center). She was then awarded the scholarship by the government for pursuing Masters in Surgery(ohthalmology) at UKM. Completing her training in various subspecialties. She competed her postgradute study in 2008. She has also passed her ICO exam part 1,2 and 3 exam in 2004 and 2005.Her special interest has always been in vitreoretinal surgery as there were very few trained VR surgeon during her postgraduate training making her realise the need for one. Eventually she went to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital Melbourne, Australia in 2012. Trained under various VR surgeons leads by Dr William Campbell, she came back to serve as an ophthalmologist and VR surgeon for the VR unit in the hospital (UKM Medical Centre). At the same time becoming the lecturer in the National University of Malaysia. She is a member of the Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology. She teaches and lectures to undergraduate students at the university and supervise many postgraduate students at the same time. She has also published in a few journals.

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