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David Peter Itoyeh

Medical student
Job Title:
Medical School:
Stratford College of Management
Residency Program:
Social Work on Counselling
Serrekunda, Gambia

My name is Itoyeh David Peter ,a Social Work Student, right holder of Diploma and Advance Diploma in Social Work, I choose Social Work as my future profession, because its my dream and vision in life to supporting people to gain and make use of their potential in life, to make their dream and vision come to pass. A lot of people in Gambia here have potentially and literally marginalize especially in my community and in the Gambia. As a social work student , this is the way of how the enhancement and development of welfare and social life in general, this motivate and urge me onwards to move on in life, I for seen that family and the school are the central places for the development of children. Here we can found the hopes for the next generation. In Africa especially in the Gambia, there are often gaps in this relationship within the school, within the family, and in their relationships to each other and to the needs of students and people living in my community.There are gaps between aspirations and realities, between manifest need and available programs. In the dynamic multicultural world of the child today, there are gaps between particular cultures and what education may offer.
As a Social Work student I need advocacy skills, this skill will help to empower and make people gain their potential and make use of their resources available in their community. To fight for existing problem that has captivated every youth in my community and in Africa as whole, l can describe people living in my community as people living in disposable life, and cast-off and throw-away society that has largely lost any real sense of permanence. My career plan is after completing my education , I will come back to use the knowledge that I will acquire to build up the my country and make use the education as a broken instrument from a poverty, a way of liberate people from the poverty that has captivate Africa generally .
Itoyeh David Peter

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