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Dr. eyob frezghi

Job Title:
junior ophthalmologist
Medical School:
latin america school of medicine , cuba
Residency Program:
sudan medical specialization board ,ophthalmology council.
asmara, Eritrea

my name is Eyob Frezghi. i am 35 years old frOm a country called Eritrea located in east Africa. I went to a medical school which was established in 2004 under the affiliation of Latin America School of Medicine , Cuba ,where my degree was awarded from. After working as a general practitioner in the major departments for two years and then as a teaching assistant for another two years in the same medical school i graduated from. in 2013 i traveled to neighboring country, Sudan and sited for my residency entrance exam after i passed the exam i started my postgraduate training in ophthalmology. during my residency training i have attended many sub specialty clinics and attended variety of surgical procedures

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