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Dr. sahil goel

Job Title:
Assistant Professor
Medical School:
Residency Program:
Ludhiana, India

After completing my undergradutaion and Post-graduation from All India Institute of medical Sciences, I went on to do cornea fellowship at the prestigious LVPEI,hyderabad. Since childhood i have always dreamed about harvard university. upon my interaction with Dr R. Pinneda and Dr J. Chodosh in hyderabad i was really excited to learn that there is this wonderful opportunity to learn at one of the best and most advanced centres in the world. I am really looking forward to this exposure, which will help me bring the best back home. I am really dedicated to my speciality of Cornea and hope to bring about some change long lasting changes in my field/ area of interest. I am really passionate about physics and have research interests whereby we can use our knowledge of Physics more effectively into ophthalmology.

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