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Helena Filipe

Helena Filipe MD

Job Title:
Medical School:
Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa
Residency Program:
Instituto de Oftalmologia Dr. Gama Pinto (Lisboa)
Lisboa, Portugal
Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology
Contact Information:
R Sargento Jose Paulo dos Santos n 8
Portugal 1800-331
Phone: +351967061547

Graduated in Medicine by the Classical University of Lisbon: Medicine University of Lisbon in 1987 (17 out of 20)
General Residency in Hospital de Santa Maria of Lisbon.
Residency in Ophthalmology (1990-1994) at Instituto Dr. Gama Pinto, in Lisbon (19 out of 20).
Admitted to the staff of ophthalmic specialists as assistant in 1995 in The Ocular Surface Disease and Refractive Surgery Department (19 out of 20).

Pioneered, with the Anterior Segment team, the implementation of refractive surgery (LASIK and intraocular refractive surgery) at Instituto Dr.. Gama Pinto.

Introduced the implantation of Ferrara ring segments.

Has been involved in anterior segment imagiology, namely: anterior segment OCT, Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy, Videotopography, Ocular Response Analyser, Specular Biomicroscopy.

Also been responsible for the Ultrasound Examinations performed at her hospital.

Responsible for the Contact Lens Department.

After taking examination in 2002, was approved as a Consultant in Ophthalmology.

Board member of SPILM (Sociedade Portuguesa Interdisciplinar de Laser Mdico) and Lecturer of the Medical Lasers Course.

Member of group of investigators of the European Vision Institute. Clinical Trials. Sites of Excellence (EVI.CT.SE). Responsible for the Ocular Surface Disease field of Instituto Dr Gama Pinto (site 28).
Lecturer of The Visual System's Anatomy and Physiology and Ophthalmic Pathology at the Lisbon Superior School of Health Technologies from 2002 to 2008.

Masters Degree in Medical Education from Portuguese Catholic University- Health Sciences Institute in 2008. Thesis defended with the work "eLearning in Medical Education. A case study " (19 out of 20: "Suma cum Laude").

Belongs to the Board of Residency Department at Instituto de Oftalmologia Dr. Gama Pinto.

Responsible for tutoring residents and member in several, intermediate and final residency examinations.

Responsible for the implementation of the Residency Wiki: Clubinternos at Instituto Dr. Gama Pinto (

Belongs to the group of Tutors of Medical Students (5th and 6th years) of Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon University.

Has been developing assistance both, medical and surgical as well as investigational and educational at Instituto Dr. Gama Pinto and Hospital de Santa Maria, in the fields previously described.
Has 99 oral communications, 25 published papers.
Medical Research is ongoing with the Portuguese Catholic University (Health Sciences Institute) and Aveiro University (Communication and Art Department).

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