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Dr. Matias Iglicki MD

Medical School:
university of buenos aires
Residency Program:
university of buenos aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Matias Iglicki was born in Buenos Aires , he went to Medical School at the university of Buenos Aires and he did his residency at the Hospital de Clinicas which depends on the university of Buenos Aires He has obtained a Degree Ophthalmology Specialist Physician Higher Course at the university of Buenos Aires His current activities involve clinical as well as surgical practices, He went to the to conservartory of music where he lerned how to play the violin , he loves playing the violin and listening to classical music. He teaches graduate and postgraduate courses , and he is currently doing research about Diabetic Retinopathy at the university of Buenos Aires . He won an award from the university of Buenos Aires because his Project of Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy by 'Telemedicine'" He has attended and delivered lectures in Buenos Aires and abroad . He have won the "best Resident award " when he was in his 1st year of his residency programme. This award was given by his colleagues.

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