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Kim Mullaney

Job Title:
Distribution Coordinator
Honolulu, United States
Contact Information:
405 N. Kuakini Street Ste 801
Honolulu, Hawaii
United States 96817
Phone: 808-664-1939
Fax: 888-678-8339
Web site:

My name is Kim Mullaney and I am the Distribution Coordinator for the Hawaii Lions Eye Bank and Makana Foundation. I have had an international program for the past four years with great success. I place corneas for transplants and for research, including sclera from our eye bank and others in the United States. Quite a few of these corneas would not be able to be used if it were not for international programs.

One way for us to provide you and your patients with better quality tissue is to have all the corneas you accept sent directly to us here in Hawaii first so we can re-evaluate them before it gets sent to you. This way we can make sure that the corneas are still suitable for transplant and that the tissue summary accurately portrays the cornea. This will take a little more time to get you the cornea, but we would prefer to take a little extra time to make sure that we are sending you only quality tissue that will benefit your patients. The one thing we really do not want to do is send you cornea that not worthy of being transplanted into one of your patients.

Next, you will notice that we will use a different shipping system box & cooler. We feel that the corneas should be kept at 2-10 degrees C while being shipped. For this reason we had our shipping system validated by an independent company. Most eye banks use ice. When they send corneas for a long trip they add more ice. We don't. We have found that ice can often drop the temperature below 0 degrees C and possibly freeze the cornea during shipping. By the time you get it, the ice would have melted and the temperature will have come back up to normal without you knowing that the cornea possibly froze. We will take an extra step to avoid this. We will also include freeze indicators with every shipment we send you. This way if something has gone wrong and the temperature did drop to freezing conditions you will know.

I would also like to tell you about other tissue and services that we can offer you and your doctors.
• Currently we bank Sclera tissue in absolute alcohol. We normally have quarters and whole sclera's available. We can make any size you need.
• We also stock glycerin preserved corneas. Most of my doctors like this for non-central patch grafts, DLAKs, and anterior lamellar grafts.
Starting in late April or early May we will also be able to provide DSEK tissue. We have purchased a top of the line Microkeratome for preparing endothelial keratoplasty tissue.

Lastly, some of us American eye banks are using a new cornea preservation media called Life 4C. This is really a wonderful new media that we here in Hawaii are very excited about. We have found that our 13 day old corneas in Life 4C are better than corneas in Optisol-GS at 6 days old. So from time to time you may be seeing a different, larger viewing chamber, this would be it. When we do send you a cornea in this media, we will make sure to send along some information about it so you can pass it along to your surgeons. The manufacture of this media is Numedis. Their website is

If you have any questions about our process or how we can serve you better, please do not hesitate to let me know. We are here to help take care of you so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Thank you for your time.


Kim Mullaney, CEBT

Kim Mullaney
HLEBMF, Distribution Coordinator
office: 808.664.1939 or 808.536.7416 (after hours)
cell: 605.929.6886
fax: 888.678.8339

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