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Mohammed Rabea

Dr. Mohammed Rabea MBBS

Ophthalmology resident
Contact Lens and Refraction
Medical School:
Kasr Al Ainy Medical school,Cairo university
Residency Program:
attending Egyptian fellowship
Quesnna, Egypt
Contact Information:
Meet El Kasry village
Quesnna, Mennoufia
Egypt 02048
Phone: +20164452594

I am proud to catch this great organization,i still in the start of my residency programme and I am very ambitious and look forward to learn more and more and to share the ideas and programmes with other ophthalmologists.
I need the advice from the great ophthalmologists.
I like to work in teams and like to go with free medical conveys to treat and help sick and poor patients.
I like to be in contact with other residents ,opthalmologists and professors.
We are team and should cooperate as the disease develop more and more ,and i think all we know is little in comparison what we will discover in the future ,we only know little,so we must do our best to be guardians of the patient eyes and to draw the smile on the patient faces.
with my best wishes
Mohamed Rabea

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