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Asmaa Touny

Ms. Asmaa Touny MBBS

Ophthalmology resident
Job Title:
ophthalmology resident
Medical School:
Ain shams
Residency Program:
Ministry of defense hospitals - ophthalmology departments
el minia, Egypt
Egyptian Ophthalmological Society
Contact Information:
sekket tala st.
el minia
Phone: 0020115377866

Asmaa Abdul-Raziq Touny

Address: Egypt, El-Minya , Sekket Talla st. , Gaweesh block

Mobile: +2 011 5377866


Date of birth: March, 31 1982

Egyptian nationality, Female

Present occupation:

Resident of Ophthalmology in Luxor International Hospital, Luxor, Egypt.


1.Pre-University education:

High School, June 2000 entered University with a score of 99.3%.

2.University Education:

• Admission to the Faculty of Medicine: October 2000
• Date of Graduation: December 2006
• Score of graduation from Medical School: very good.

3.Academic activities clinical experience:

• House officing job: March 2007-February 2008, El-Minya University Hospital.
• Resident of Ophthalmology: April 2008-July 2009, Ministry of Defense Hospitals ( Mubarak Military Hospital ,El-Minya, The Main Military Compound,Kobry El-Kobba , Cairo).
• Resident of Ophthalmology: December 2009- to present ,Luxor International Hospital, Ophthalmology Department.

4. Level of Training & Employment background:

1. An extensive residency program in ophthalmology in Military hospitals in the following departments :

(1)General Ophthalmology emergency and out patient units
• Anatomy and Physiology of the Orbit and Globe
• Basic Ophthalmology
• Ocular Pharmacology
• Optics and Theory of Refraction
• Ocular Pathology
• Radiology (CT-scan and X ray the Orbit)
(2) Pediatric Ophthalmology (medicine and surgery)
(3) Anterior segment (medicine and surgery):
• Conjunctiva
• Cornea and sclera
• Uvea
• Glaucoma
• Cataract

(4) Posterior segment (medicine and surgery)
• Retina and Vitreous
• Surgical Retina:
• Diabetic Retinopathy.
• Fluorescein angiography.
• Photocoagulation in Retinal diseases.
• Photocoagulation in macular diseases.
(5) Oncology and ocular Tumors
(6) Oculoplastic
(7) Corneal disease and refractive surgery unit
(8) Glaucoma department
(9) Cataract department
(10) Neuoroophthalmology department

2. Ophthalmology Surgical practice includes :

1. Extracapsular cataract surgeries: 68 eyes
2. Glaucoma surgeries: 5 eyes
3. Oculoplastics:
 Dacriocystorinestomy DCR: completed 3 patients and assisted in 67 eyes
 Entropion and Extropion surgeries: assisted in 6 eyes
4. Strabismus surgeries: 7 patients and assisted in 64 eyes
5. Lasers (Nd.YAG and Argon): 8 patient
6. Intravitreal injection of Aastin & Triamcinolone: 73 patients


• M.B.B.Ch, December 2006, Faculty of Medicine, El-Minya University.
• M.Sc. in Ophthalmology (In Ophthalmic Medicine And Surgery, Faculty Of Medicine Ain Shams University, Part 1), December 2010, with an essay the title of the role of Anti-VEGF in treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy.
• International Basic Science Assessment for Ophthalmologists, May 2010, International Council of Ophthalmology.

Scientific Professional Activities:

Member of the Egyptian Society of Ophthalmology: (atended meetings of years 2008, 2009, 2010)

Computer and Language Skills

Computer :

Languages :

Arabic Mother Tongue
English Fluent ( spoken, reading and writing )

Skills & Activities

Social activities : participated in many medical convoys to remote areas.

Skills : Leadership and dependable , Capable of giving presentations , Capable of both team and individual work , Helpful, positive attitude and creative , problems solving , Flexible, very dynamic and energetic.

References • Available upon request

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