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Mei Li

Dr. Mei Li

Job Title:
IJO Editor
Xi'an, China
Contact Information:
No.269 Youyi East Road
Xi'an, Shaanxi
China 710054
Phone: (+8629)82245172/82210956
Fax: (8629)82245172
Web site:

I am an Editor of International Journal of Ophthalmology (IJO), of which the editorial office is located in Xi'an, China. International Journal of Ophthalmology-IJO (English edition) is a global ophthalmological scientific publication and a peer reviewed open access periodical (ISSN 2222-3959). This journal is sponsored by Xi'an Medical Association, China and obtains guidance and support from WHO and ICO. Prof. Bruce E Spivey, MD (President of ICO) and Prof. G O H Naumann, MD (Ex-President of ICO) are the General Scientific Advisors of IJO. Prof. J J Delaey, MD (Vice President of ICO) is the Honorary Editors-In-Chief of IJO. It is the only ophthalmological periodical in China indexed by the most authoritative international searching system-SCI-Expanded,PubMed and PubMed-Central. I firmly believe that our journal-IJO will make a great contribution to eye education and care as well as the communication and spread of the global ophthalmology information!
If you have any question about ophthalmological paper publishing, please feel free to contact me and it's my great pleasure to provide help to the global ophthalmologist.

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