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Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey

Low Vision
Job Title:
Medical School:
University of Melbourne
Berkeley, United States
Contact Information:
School of Optometry, University of California
Berkeley, CA
United States 94720
Phone: 510 642 1987
Fax: 510 642 1987

I am a clinician/scientist with special expertise in clinical visual psychophysics, clinical visual optics and low vision rehabilitation. Amongst my better known accomplishments are the design of the "LogMAR" visual acuity charts (ETDRS), the logMAR system for scoring visual acuity, decimalized severity grading, identification of relationships between vision functions and functional abilities such as mobility, face recognition and reading efficiency. I have also developed methods for prescribing low vision aids and methods for characterizing and measuring the critical optical and display parameters. Recently I have been developing new tests to better assess functional vision in persons with severe visual impairment. With colleagues we developed the Berkeley Rudimentary Vision Test that extends the range of visual acuity measurements from the usual 20/400 limit with standard letter charts to 20/16,000. The Berkeley Central Visual Field Test measures central visual fields using black targets on a white background in the central 10 degrees. We also have a computer-based test of contrast thresholds for the detection of large blinking squares on a white background. We characterize subjects' responses to changes in illumination levels but testing the changes in VA, VF and CS when retinal illuminance is reduced by a fixed amount (to 3%). Most features of these new are being incorporated into instruments being developed for clinical practice and research.

Honors (Selected)
Glenn A. Fry Award of the American Academy of Optometry 1986
Feinbloom Award, American Academy of Optometry 1994
Prentice Medal, American Academy of Optometry 2000
Pisart Award, Lighthouse International 2002
Honorary Doctor of Science degree, State University of New York 2005
Representative, Committee on Vision, Nat Acad Sciences and Nat Research Council,
representing Amer Optom Association and Amer Academy of Optometry 1984-1994
Member National Academy of Science/National Research Council Committee 1999-2002
on Disability Determination for Individuals with Visual Impairments
Member, Vision Advisory Panel for Department of Motor Vehicles (California) 1999-2004
Fellow American Academy of Optometry 1963- present
Member Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 1983 - present
Member American Optometric Association 1980 - present
Member of International Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation 1990 - present

C. Selected publications
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Optom Vision Sci : 89(9), 1257-1264

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