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Fayrouz Orensa

Fayrouz Orensa PhD

Pediatric, Strabismus, Genetics
Company / Organization:
fayrouz orensa
Job Title:
Medical School:
Cairo university,faculty of medicine,class 2004.
Residency Program:
2006-2007 ophthalmology resident at research institute of ophthalmology,2008-2009,at the hospital of
Contact Information:
8/1new maadi buildings,degla,new maadi ,cairo
, cairo
Egypt o2
Phone: 00201146646460

i am 32 years old ophthalmologist working in the field of ophthalmic pediatric oncology especially retinoblastoma for 4 years now,i am looking forward of having more experience in the field of general pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus as my work doe not allow this neither medically nor surgically but in only few cases besides my 2 years of residency were in general ophthalmology.I passed the master degree from Cairo university and the 1st part if the ICO EXAMS.

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