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Dr. Waseem Akhter MBBS

Company / Organization:
waseem akhter
Job Title:
Assistant Professor
Medical School:
Nishtar Medical College Multan
Residency Program:
pakistan institute of health sciences islamabad
Islamabad, Pakistan

I am Dr. Waseem, I did my MBBS from nishtar medical college in2003, then I did my house job in same teaching hospital for one year. I entered in FCPS ophthalmology program in 2004 from college of physicians and surgeons karachi. I copmleted four year residency from pakistan institute of health sciences islamabad. I cleared my MCPS exam in 2008. And FCPS in 2010. I joined shifa college of medicine, islamabad in 2009 as registrar. In 2010 I promoted to senior registrar.I continued my teaching and community health services at shifa foundation affiliated with shifa college till 2012. In 2012 I joined Rawal institute of health. Sciences. Islamabad as assistant professor wichita is a medical school affiliated with its own cherity based hospital supported by rotary club and dessert international foundation. I was always interested in forbearance and external eye disease , I wish for the fellowship in that.that's why I am joining icon group. I published my research on effect of phacoemulsification on cornesl endothelial count. I m preparing to publish my second research paper on different techniques of ptrygium excision and there comparison. And effect of phacoemulsification on corneal oedema. Now a days I m working on effect of corneal incision on post op astigmatism. Side by side I m attending different workshop on medical education. I m also mentaining my surgical record as well.

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