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Dr. Yanin Suwan MD

Job Title:
Glaucoma instructor
Medical School:
Chulalongkorn university
Residency Program:
Prince of Songkla University
Bangkok, Thailand
Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand

Name Yanin Suwan
Sex Female
Date of Birth 11 September 1981
Marital status Single
Office Address Department of Ophthalmology,
Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University.
270 Rama 6th road Rajathevee, Bangkok, Thailand.

Contact No. 668-1-551-6343
Email Address

Educations and Professional Training
Institution Year Degree
Department of Ophthalmology, July 2011-Present Glaucoma instructor
Faculty of Medicine,
Ramathibodi hospital
Mahidol university

Department of Ophthalmology, July 2010 - 2011 Glaucoma fellowship
Faculty of Medicine,
Ramathibodi hospital
Mahidol university

Department of Ophthalmology, April 2006 - June 2010 Resident, Ophthalmology
Faculty of Medicine, (Chief resident)
Prince of Songkla University,
Songkhla, Thailand
Songklanagarind Hospital April 2004 - March 2006 Internship in
Prince of Songkla University, General Medicine
Songkhla, Thailand General Surgery
Orthopedics Surgery
Emergency unit
Faculty of Medicine June 1999 - March 2004 Medical student
Chulalongkorn University,
Bangkok, Thailand
Triam Udom Suksa High School May 1994 - March 1999
Bangkok, Thailand

Professional Qualifications
2005 MD. ( First class honors ), Thai Medical License # 32913
2009 Thai Board of ophthalmology
2010 Certificate in Glaucoma

Professional Affiliations
- Thai Medical Council
- The Medical Association of Thailand
- Royal Thai College of Ophthalmology
- Chulalongkorn Alumni Association
- Prince of Songkla Alumni Association
- Ramathibodi Hospital Alumni Association

Honors and Awards
2005 Graduation of general practioner with the highest score in Emergency medicine
2005 Graduation of general practitioner with the first class honors

Extracurricular Activities
2009 Chief Resident, Ophthalmology, Prince of Songkla University
2012 Participants in APAO Leadership Development Program 2012-13
Mid-term Forum Bangkok: 27th to 29th September 2012

Professional Appointments
2005-2006 Internship, Prince of Songkla University
2006-2010 Resident training, Department of Ophthalmology, Prince of Songkla University
2010-2011 Fellow training, Department of Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Ramathibodi Hospital,
Mahidol University
2011-2012 Part-time glaucoma instructor, Department of Ophthalmology, Glaucoma,
Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
2012-present Glaucoma instructor, Department of Ophthalmology, Ramathibodi Hospital,
Mahidol University

Research Experiences and Publications
2012 Suwan Y, Preechawai P. Endogenous Klebsiella panophthalmitis: Atypical presentation. J
Med Assoc Thai. 2012 Jun;95(6):830-3.
2012 Suwan Y, Punyawattanaporn A, Preechawai P. Rhino-orbital fungal infection : a case
report. J Med Assoc Thai. 2012 May;95(5):739-42.

Research Experience and Publications
Ongoing researches:
- Postoperative ptosis following cataract surgery.
Yanin Suwan, Passorn Preechawai, Submitted.
- Correlation of 8-hr out-patient IOP measurement with 24-hr IOP monitoring.
Wasu Supakorntanasan, Yanin Suwan, Supicha Vadjanapornsit, Submitted.
- Ebstein-Barr Virus-Associated Iris Leiomyosarcoma in AIDS : A case report
- Safty of intratenon Mitomycin C injection versus conventional surgical soaked sponge Mitomycin C: A Randomized Controlled Trial
- Brown McLean Syndrome : case series and review literature
- Primary angle closure glaucoma : Classification by ultrasound biomicroscopy
- Soemmering ring-induced pseudophakic angle-closure glaucoma

Poster and oral presentation
Oral presentation Endogenous Klebsiella panophthalmitis: Atypical presentation
Cutting edge 2007, Hyderabad, India.
Poster presentation Rhino-orbital fungal infection : a case report
World Ophthalmology Congress 2008, Hongkong, China.
Poster presentation Postoperative ptosis following cataract surgery
World Ophthalmology Congress 2010, Berlin, Germany.

Lectures and presentations by invitation
2012 Pigmentary glaucoma, Glaucoma review, April 29, 2012
2012 Ocular surface disease in glaucoma and impact on our management, Bangkok, Sep 19, 2012
2013 Fill the gap in glaucoma management with fixed combination, Pullman hotel, Bangkok, Jan
17, 2013
2013 Common drug use in ophthalmology for nurses
Anterior segment anatomy and physiology for nurses Feb, 2013
2013 Angle closure glaucoma : Current trend and management
31th Annual Academic Meeting : The Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand
June 28, 2013 Bangkok convention center at Central world

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