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Dr. Dmytro Derevyagin MD

Lviv, Ukraine

Dmytro Derevyagin


Troleybusna Str. 4, Apt 2. 79053 Lviv, Ukraine
Tel. +380979648857
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English

1998-2004 studied at the Ternopol State Medical Academy
2004-2006 internship in surgery at the Ternopol State Medical University
2006-2007 specialization in ophthalmology at the Lvіv National Medical University
2010 courses in Eye Microsurgery with IOL Implantation Methods
2011 was conferred the 2nd attestation category
2013 clinical observership at Ophthalmology department Ludwig- Maximilians University Clinic, Munich, Germany

Work experience:
2007 - present Ophthalmologist, State Institution Clinical Hospital of STBA "Lviv Railways"
consultations and out-patients treatment;
consultations to the other hospital departments;
in-patient treatment, surgical treatment (mostly as assistant);
management of a large group of glaucoma patients.
2012 - present Consultant Ophthalmologist, St. Paraskeva Medical Center

Research work:
2010 co-researcher in the national research DE-Screen - Study of Prevalence of Dry Eye Syndrome in Women.

Professional aspirations:
- adopting practical experience of diagnostics and treatment of ophthalmological diseases in order to raise the level of ophthalmological aid in the clinic;
- improving skills and knowledge in anterior segment eye surgery, glaucoma and retinal diseases management.

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