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Dr. Abram Wodome

Job Title:
Chief Medical Officer
Medical School:
University de Lome (Togo), Universite Gamal Abdel Nasser de Conakry (Guinee)
Residency Program:
DES in Ophthalmology of Lome, DESSO Guinea Conakry
Lome, Togo
American Academy of Ophthalmology, Société Africaine Francophone d'Ophtalmologie (SAFO)
Contact Information:
3269 Av. Pya, Totsi; B.p. 60461
Phone: 22822202458

I am an togolose ophthalmologist born in Lome (the capital) in 2013 in a family of 16 brothers and sisters. I did my primary secondary and high school in Lome and up-country. After my high school I was admitted in Medical school of ''Universite de Lome'' which I finished seven years later. I worked as a general physician for five years while looking for opportunities to go for ophthalmology training which I attended in 2007 for a DO program in Guinea. After this first training, I started working as ophthalmologist and chief medical officer in a catholic church charity hospital called Centre Ophtalmologique Jean Paul II in Lome. While working, I followed two more years training to be finally graduated for a DES in ophthalmology of University of Lome (a total of four years program).
My activities include daily clinics, cataract surgery (a total number of 4000 cataract surgeries performed during the last 5 years by MSICS), Glaucoma surgery, and other minor eye surgeries. I also do pediatric surgery with a basic knowledge.
I am involved since 2010 in providing MSICS training in Togo and with Mercy Ships with which I did volonteership twice a year since 2010, and I still practice in Togo.
My wife and I gave birth to two girls of 7 and 4 years old.
My will is to follow training in ophthalmopediatry because no one was trained at date in my country in such subspecialty.

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