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Syed Raza Ali

Dr. Syed Raza Ali

Company / Organization:
Syed raza Ali
Job Title:
assisstant consultant
Medical School:
quaid i azam medical college,bahawalpur ,pakistan
Residency Program:
M.S( ophth), FRCS
okara, Pakistan
Contact Information:
Ali trust free eye hospital
okara, punjab
Phone: 00923008631982

i am dr.syed raza ali Zaidi.i am an ambitious and motivated student of ophthalmology who believes in learning the clinical aspects of ophthalmology and passing on the skills to all other motivated ophthalmologist.
I did my medical graduation from Quaid I azam medical college Bahawalpur,pakistan under University of Health Sciences ,Lahore Pakistan in 2006.Ophthalmology has been my passion so I did straight one year house job in General ophthalmology .
In 2009 ,I joined the 5 year residency program of M.S ophthalmology in Lahore general hospital ,Lahore under supervision of prof.dr.Imran akram sahaf and Prof.dr.mohammad Moin.Meanwhile I cleared the ICO examinations of basic sciences and optics and refraction.After that I cleard the FRCS( edin) part A ophthalmology in 2011.During my 5 year residency program,i worked under all the subspecialities of ophthalmology and my performance was thoroughly checked by my supervisers.during training my duties were outdoor management of patients with anterior and posterior segment disorders and management of ocular emergencies. Surgical training included a variety of procedures .Initially under supervision and then independently .procedures that I frequently performed during my training programs were * Phacoemulsification with IOL Implantation * Extracapsular Cataract Extraction with IOL Implantation * DCR with Intubation Upper and lower Eyelid Entropion Correction * Enucleation With( Sahaf) Implant * Enucleation With( S S) Implant * Exanteration * Fascia Lata Sling Procedure for Ptosis Correction * Temporary Sling Procedure for Ptosis Correction * Strabismus Surgeries * Glaucoma Filtration Surgery * Evisceration with Implants * Pterygium Excision with Mitomycin c / stem cell graft * Management of Endophthalmitis * Management of Eyelids trauma,eyeball tears and Perforations Panretinal photocoagulation and Grid laser,Yag Laser Capsulotomies and Iridotomies * March 2010, Examinations Passed: * International Council of Ophthalmology (Basic sciences) * International Council of Ophthalmology (Optics and Refraction) * September2010, Examinations Passed: * FRCS (Edin) part 1 Basics * FRCS(Edin) part 2 Optics and Refraction *
23rd December 2012 to 23rd January 2013 * Surgical Training at Ali Eye Trust,Okara, for Phacoemulsification surgery for cataract extraction with posterior chamber lens implantation and management of per operative surgical complications . Post operative follow ups ,monitoring of visual outcomes and management of post operative complications of phacoemulsification surgeries.
After completing my 5 years training ,I joined Ali trust free eye hospital,okara in November 2013.motivation behind joining this institute was that ,its the only institute in the country which is treating both anterior segment and posterior segment and its providing its services totally free to the low socioeconomic class of the population .it is situated in a very populated district of province Punjab.further more I had a great chance of working and learning surgical and clinical skills as this institute is an ICO recognized training institute for cataract surgery specially phacoemulsification and posterior segment .
1st November 2013 to Date
working as Specialist ophthalmologist and Surgical instructor at ALI TRUST EYE HOSPITAL,OKARA PAKSITAN More than 5000 phacoemulsification surgeries.44 glaucoma filtration surgeries performed independently here by now by me
My duties are
outdoor management of patients (anterior/posterior segment) 2 days a week
Laser management (PRP,Grid,Focal), Yag laser( capsulotomies,hyaloidtomies ,iridotomies) 1 day a week
I have performed more than 5000 phacoemulsification surgeries in this institute by now
I am directly involved in the phacoemulsification surgical training of more than 60 trainees (both national and foreigners).
guiding the skills of basic" stop and chop" and" horizontal chop" and managing complications are among my challenging duties.
Glaucoma filtration procedures and pterygium surgeries are performed by me on almost every alternate list.
Now I am also been considered by my chief consultant for the training of medical and surgical vitero retina training
I Cleared ICO clinical sciences examination in june 2016
I appeared in FRCS edin ophthalmology examination in edinburg,UK in june 2016 and got passed in 7 out of 8 stations and looking forward to clear the remainng 1 station in November 2016

Seminars and conferences

attended * Asia Pacific Conference of Ophthalmology,held in june 2007 at Pearl continental hotel Lahore

* Ophthalmo Conference of Ophthalmology,held in june 2009 at Pearl continental hotel Lahore * Work on upper eyelid Squamous cell CA, presented at surgical ophthalmology workshop held in January 2009 at LGH,Lahore * Ophthalmo conference ,held in june 2010 at Pearl continental hotel Lahore * Case Reporting and working on a case of Astrocytic Hamartoma,Tuberous sclerosis complex in February 2011, at Retina workshop LGH * Lectures of Dr.Anand .S.Kumar on role of spectral domain OCT in Diagnosis of Fundus Tumors * Ophthalmo held in april 2011,Lahore * Work on a case of upper eyelid Sebaceous cell CA,Tumor resection and Reconstruction of upper eyelid with contralateral free tarsal graft and ipsilateral lower eyelid skin and muscle flap.Presented at surgical workshop on Oculoplastics held in January 2012 at Mayo hospital,Lahore * Ophthalmo2012 ,held in pearl continental hotel ,Lahore

1st November 2013 to Date Specialist ophthalmologist and Surgical instructor at ALI TRUST EYE HOSPITAL,OKARA PAKSITAN More than 800 phacoemulsification surgeries.21 glaucoma filtration surgeries performed independently here by now
Qualified IELTS under AEO Overall Bands 7 With 7 bands each

Mother tongue(s) Urdu

Other language(s) English

Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing

European level Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production

Language Good Good Good Good Good


Organisational skills and

competences Communication skills * Presentation skills * Good negotiator * Strong interpersonnel Communication skills

Computer skills and

competences Microsoft office

Artistic skills and competences Guitarist, Squash Player (5 titles in intercollegiate competitions and one title in inter university competition) Certified swimmer from MGM..

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