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Hassan Salam

Dr. Hassan Salam MD

Retina and Vitreous
Company / Organization:
hassan salam
Job Title:
retina surgeon
Medical School:
Esfahan medical university in Iran
beirut, Lebanon
Contact Information:
beirut, beirut
Phone: 0096170026170

DR Hassan Salam-Lebanon-born 1978
Medical & accademics:
1)Medical Diploma- JP- Esfahan medical university in2008
2)General 0phthalmology -Esfahan medical university-feiz hospital(2012)
3)Fellowship in Medical & Viteroretinal surgery- 19 month -Feiz Eye Center Hospital-Esfahan medical university (2013)
4)4 month and 15 days working in the viteroretinal department in Feiz Eye Center Hospital after graduation as a fellow ship with full time program, from 23 july 2013 until 9 dec 2013.
5)INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY optic ,basic seinces and clinical exams was passed in 2013
6)1 month training in the EYE CENTER,ALBERT-LUWIGS-UNIVERSITY of Freiburg University in Germany in May month 2014 in the specialized field of Retinology.
Clinical skills,techniques & experience:
1)Phacoemulsification cataract sugery :300 cases(documentd)
2)Strabismus surgery: 42 cases
3)Refractive surgery(PRK,LASIK): 15 eyes
4)Corneal & scleral laceration repair : 66 cases
5)Ptryguim surgery: 21 cases
6)Upper belpharoplasty: 12 eyes
7)DCR:35 cases
Fellowship operations:(documented)
1)Scleral buckling for retinal detachment 70 cases
2)DeepVitrectomy operation 500 different cases(Daibetic retinopathy-Retinal detachment-Trauma-Intra ocular foreign body-Macular hole-Epiretinal membrane-Drop nucleos and IoL),by 20 & 23 gauge vitrectomy machines.
6)Expert in photocoagulation therapy for retinal diseases and intra viteral injections.
7)Expert in explaining the ophthalmologic daignostic tests such as:
(Flouroscin angiography-Indocyanine angiography-OCT-Autoflouroscence imaging-Globe sonography and also another ophthalmologic daignostic tests)
Research :
1)Topographic corneal changes after collagen cross linking in patient with corneal keratoconus.
2)The Relevant thesis in Medical Diploma was (Topographic changes of the corneal posterior surface in myopic patient 1 year after PRK surgery) and get a very good degree 18.5 in 2008.(documented)
3) Post traumatic endophthalmitis;incidence and risk factors. published by Global Journal of Health Science.vol 6-no 6 (2014). DOI: 10.5539/gjhs.v6n6p68
3) A Survey of Outcome of Adjustable Suture as First Operation in Patients with Strabismus'. Adv Biomed Res 2014, 3:180 (26 August 2014)
4)Ocular manifestation of systemic brucellusis in a child as a case report. The first acception is given by JRMS but not yet published.
5)Comparison the findings of endothelial specular microscopy before and after the corneal cross linking(accepted byABR) but not published yet.

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