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Khairullah Turan

Mr. Khairullah Turan DO

Job Title:
Social organizer
Maimana, Afghanistan
Contact Information:
1st maimana city
Maimana, Faryab
Afghanistan 0093
Phone: 0093781506081

Maimana, Faryab, Afghanistan , KhairullahTuran

Date of Birth: 05/09/1988 Nationality: Afghan

Telephone Number: +93-781506081 Mobile Number: +93-794582233

Email Address: Full Clean Current Driving Licence

My Objective

Currently looking for a new and challenging position, one which will make best use of existing skills and experience while enabling further personal and professional development.

Education and Qualification

1995-2007: Shamas adden Shahid High school in Faryab
Grade achieved: Successfully graduated with second position

2007-2010: Faryab University Agriculture Faculty
Grade achieved: Successfully graduated with first position

01/02/2009-07/20/2009 Afghanistan Civil Service Institute: Including Management skills, Computer programs and English Language

04/Oct/2010-03/Jan/2011 ACCI including Biasness Administration with the below subjects

 Office Management
 Procurement
 Stock-Keeping
 Accounting
 Cost culclution

15th -16th January, 2014 has successfully completed a Tow day training course on Basic Safety and Security conducted by (DA CAAR)

2th -04th March 2014 has successfully completed a three day training course on Social Organization Kabul Afghanistan 2th - 04th March 2014 Conducted by (DACAAR)

Career Summary

15/3/2010- 15/6/2010 DFC Independent Election Commission

 Providing management and support of staffs
 Maintain and distribute daily schedule
 Writing dispatching
01/01/2011-01/03/2011 Engineer Assistant in DACAAR Organization
 Attend Company sanctioned agronomic events to develop personality and communication skills as per Supervisor's directions
 Check calculation and application, sample collection, trial documentation and equipment operation as per Standard Operating Procedures.
 Maintain farm and equipment, research and update to ensure treatment applications' maximum precision and lead routine maintenance and preparation of seasonal equipment
 Support soil and crop tissue sampling, data entry, analysis, interpretation and write reports and present data to company personnel and customers.
 Establish, maintain, in-season measurements, application and harvesting experiments for crops and field scout for diseases and insects.
 Manage and develop part-time workers to reach departmental workloads
05/03/2011-05/08/2012 Admin Officer in Etisalat Af
 Provide full admin support to the team and department
 Perform data-entry, documentation, printing and filling duties
 Maintain a proper and user friendly filling and document control system
 Support the officers in daily admin roles and to keep stock of stationary
 Put up purchase requests for all approved purchases for the necessary
 Create and maintain useful databases for the department
 Perform some research duties as and when required by the team
 Assist the Dept head to maintain a proper attendance and tracking report for the Dept.
 Assist on any tasks as required by the dept.

01/09/2011-15/oct/2013 Logistic Assistant in WAW Organization

 Prepare all necessary documentation for handling logistics of goods and services procured in accordance with WAW rules and regulations, and any other documents as needed.
 Maintain the records on logistics process and related documents and files to ensure transparency and accountability;
 Maintain a database of goods in movement and deliveries completed
 Draft all correspondence related to logistics including letters to vendors, insurance claims, replacement of damage goods as required;
 Raise purchase orders, seek approval and dispatch to freight forwarders as and when required in connection with logistics management;
 Monitor deliverables under contracts awarded and prepare documentation for authorization of payments to suppliers;
 Follow up with Suppliers and Freight forwarders to ensure timely and safe delivery of goods and services procured and take up logistics coordination responsibilities as and when required;
 Prepare reports and monitor administrative and project expenditure as appropriate;
 Undertake field missions when required;

15/11/2013- Up to now Social Organizer in DACAAR Organization

Position Description:

The SSED social Organizer will play an active role in the targeted communities to build understanding and support for the SSED project intervention, working in close collaboration with SSED team both in Kabul and Faryab.

The primary responsibility is to mobilize the target communities, build capacity through regular counselling, collection of community mobilization and training data, and most particularly to facilitate a broader appreciation of Enterprise activities in the job market. The Social Organizer will support SSED Supervisor in trainee selection, data collection/analysis, quality of training and reports. Support in linking the producer Associations and enterprise groups with markets and other institutions , support them in improving their household food security , cash income and overall well being status of the family and communities.


1. Mobilize the target communities to project intervention, procedures and policy and to inspire them to actively play their role in the promotion of project aims.

In close collaboration and coordination with SSED supervisor:

• Mobilize the community, using participatory and developmental approaches in understanding enterprise and marketing concept.
• Conduct orientation meetings in respective villages about the project including enterprise development and preparation of Producer Associations and Enterprise groups' formation in the region.

• Inspires the sense of contribution (community mobilization), participation and self-reliance in the target communities, development and implementation of community mobilization plan.
• Establishing and developing good mutual understanding, cooperation and trust between government authorities, DACAAR, other agencies , private entities and the target communities;

• Be part of baseline surveys on community, market survey, tracer study and any other survey that requires their contribution and support.

• Working directly with trainees or community groups to continue to change their attitudes towards enterprise.

• Working with the community to identify existing and potential Income Generating/marketable Activities including establishment of markets for micro

• /small scale enterprise products. Involving the communities in the choice and designing of income generating activities

• Work with stakeholders, family and community for acceptance of women in vocational and technical trade, to increased freedom of movement and greater access to the job market

• In close collaboration with SSED Supervisor, Women empowerment and NRM support in the implementation of enterprise activities related activities.

2. Ensure quality of SSED interventions with trainees, and builds capacity in Associations and other enterprise groups.

In close collaboration and coordination with SSED supervisor:

• Support the SSED Supervisor in review and assess the existing Business Development Services with Associations and other enterprise groups including developing appropriate market interventions.

• Facilitating Small scale enterprise development skills and developmental trainings on leadership, coordination, group dynamics, basic marketing, Business plan, Basic accounting on book keeping, cash flow and financial statements.

• Select the beneficiaries for the project together with the communities, based on vulnerabilities and needs especially for vocational skills trainings. Regular follow up of the vocational skills beneficiaries and the trainers in order to improve the quality delivery systems in the vocational skills program.
• In close collaboration with SSED supervisor - Supervise Enterprise Developments, facilitate formation of Associations and other enterprise in targeted communities; Training the potential and existing micro/small entrepreneurs in business management skills including Business plan development

• Participate in reviews and evaluations.
3. Collect community mobilization and training data and assists in data analysis and interpretation and report development

In close collaboration and coordination with SSED supervisor:

• Monitor progress of the project in the field and report to the SSED supervisor and regional manager on progress
• Create recording system at community level, encouraging community ownership and sustainability- Producer Associations, Vocational skills beneficiaries and other enterprise activities in the region

• Capacity building and supervision of Vocational Trainers. Collect all information sheets (beneficiary lists, registration forms, distribution lists, and others) and submit them on a timely basis, in order to ensure prompt data entry

• Assist SSED Supervisor/field supervisor in project operations data analysis and interpretation including report preparation

• Maintain a good relationship with the other members of the team including performing any other tasks/duties as required.

Formal Qualification

Leadership Development Programme  Business Leaders of Today
 Create the Vision & the Need for Change
 Sell & Communicate with Impact
 Gain Commitment & Engage Team
 Business Plan
 Project Management
 Office Management skills
 Gain Commitment & Engage Team
 Leadership
 Performance Management
 Procurement & Stock-keeping
 Cost Calculation
 Problem Solving & Decision Making for Investigations

Hobbies and Interest

{I enjoy prayer, reading, listening to music helping out at the local Brownies and spending time with my family}

Personal detail

Driving Licence Full/Clean
Health Excellent; non-smoker
Languages Fluent Dari, Pashto, Uzbek, Turkmen, & English


Computer Skills

Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point, Data base, Outlook and Internet Skills


 Muhiburahman Fayez SSED Specialist DACAAR Kabul ,Afghanistan
Mobile: +93(0)791 810 941
Mobile: +93(0)795 719 697

 Amerullah Naizi Regional Manager of Etisalat Afghanistan



 Farkhunda Country Director of WAW organization in Afghanistan


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