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Abdull Rahman Samim

Dr. Abdull Rahman Samim MD

Other (e.g., Education, Research)
Job Title:
Medical School:
Herat Medical University
Herat, Afghanistan
Contact Information:
Buland Aab Street
Herat, Herat
Afghanistan 3002
Phone: (+93) 799360696

I graduated from Medical Faculty of Herat University on 2011. I started working as a ophthalmology residency in Herat ophthalmic center.

Hands-on experience in treatment
1. Treatment of all ophthalmologic daisies
2. Surgery of most ophthalmologic disorders ( trichiasis, lid laceration, chalazion, pterygium, ectropion entropion, repairing of corneal lacerations, filtering, Cataract surgery IOL,DCR)
3. Management and correction of eye refractive errors
4. Management of must treatment room operations ( IOP, BP, syringing, eye pad, irrigation )

Now I am member of Afghan Eye doctor society. and medical Director Herat ophthalmic center, Afghanistan.

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